German Shepherds The German Shepherds of Terroir Soucy are first known for their good behavior and physical appearance, specially selected from purebred and distinguished breeders.


In order achieve these objectives, the Terroir Soucy team sets up numerous variables to ensure optimal development of future puppies.


The parents, never tied and living in the comfort of a home, have a distinct morphology (personality) and a remarkable genetic temperament.


Early in their childhood (life), the young are raised with tranquility and abundance, ensuring excellent physical and mental growth.


They are also exposed very early to other dogs and humans, which allows them to develop a reassuring sociability for families, strangers and especially children.


Some behaviors are genetically favored in the Terroir Soucy; among them we rely on loyalty, territoriality, liveliness, obedience, courage, protection, sustained physical activity, and the ability to learn quickly. In short, the general intelligence of our puppies is felt in many other ways.


The physical appearance is part of the traditional lines of the German Shepherd, a black coat with beige ends in a gradient. Their necklace is particularly trimmed and gives them a great look.


Finally, by adopting a local Soucy puppy, a complete health examination is conducted by a veterinarian to detect and prevent any abnormality. The first vaccine and the first dewormer are administered. On request, we offer a two-year health guarantee. Delivery to the door is offered in the major centers of the Maritimes and Quebec. In addition, valuable advice is provided to new owners to ensure post-adoption support.


Finally, a microchip is integrated into the skin of the puppy to identify it in case of disappearance. Write us for more information or to obtain your own exceptional German Shepherd.


Lou la matriarche et sa fille Sephyr, Saint-Quentin, NB
Shelby - Kedgwick, N.-B.
Shelby - Kedgwick, NB
Wilson - Frédéricton, N.-B.
Wilson - Frédéricton, NB

"Yarri was very knowledgeable regarding the process of breeding the puppies, their health, the adoption process and their temperament. I was very impressed by his timely manner responding to my endless inquires about my puppy with photos/videos. I was highly appreciative of his ability to understand the characteristics and personality of the puppies. He recommended the perfect puppy to our family."

Sherie, Fredericton, NB

It is difficult to put into words how much my puppy means to me. I lost my King shepherd years ago and I have never gotten over losing such a beautiful dog. Seven months ago, I seen a couple walking their 10 week old German shepherd and I literally jumped out of the vehicle (we were only going about 10km’s per hour). I asked her all sorts of questions. She told me that her breeder was just new and getting started but he was wonderful to deal with. We kept in contact and she would send me pictures of her puppy - I knew then they I needed one. So Yarri and i started contacted each other. I asked to have one of his puppies and he guaranteed me one, let me know when his next litter would be due and contacted me the day they were born. When I decided I wanted one, my twin sister decided she wanted one as well. Yarri was amazing with the puppies - he had them ‘coded’ according to size, strength, intelligence, etc. So before we chose our puppies, we asked him about their differences and he knew exactly which puppy was good for our families. When we meant the puppies, his description was bang on !!! Needless to say, my twin and I got the perfect puppies to join and families and we are forever grateful. Also, the puppy that I met 7 months ago, he and his family are now friends of ours and we are so impressed and proud to recommend Yarri as a first class breeder !!!!

Shelly, Fredericton NB

We are extremely fortunate to have met Yarri Soucy and receive the only male from his first litter. During the selection process, Yarri was very responsive and knowledgeable to all of our questions and concerns. This same level of excellent customer service has been delivered since Koda became a member of our family. Koda, who is now 9 months old, is a strong and handsome German Shepherd, that displays the intelligence of the breed. He is a very social and loving dog, characteristics that were instilled in him at a very early age, through the care provided by Yarri. Koda is gentle towards people and other dogs, yet displays a protective nature when necessary. He is a wonderful addition to our family and brings great joy. Yarri is a committed breeder, ensuring healthy puppies with wonderful personalities. I highly recommend Terroir Soucy; you will be extremely pleased with your decision and the quality of German Shepherd that will become a part of your family.


Brenda - Saint John, NB

Scott - Kedgwick, N.-B.
Scott - Kedgwick, NB
Koda - St-John's, N.-B..jpg
Koda - Saint John, NB

Voici notre petit Cooper qui est avec nous depuis déjà presque 2 semaines!! Il a beaucoup d’énergie et aime nous suivre partout. Ce qu’il aime par dessus tout est de faire la sieste, essayer de descendre dans le sous-sol par notre petite “trappe à chat” et manger des gâteries Ceasar! . Merci à Les produits du terroir Soucy pour le petit chiot et pour votre accompagnement depuis la naissance de Cooper, et encore à ce jour! Je recommande fortement à quiconque qui pense avoir un berger allemand dans le futur de contacter Yarri P. Soucy afin d’obtenir plus d’information. Mon conjoint et moi n’aurions pas pu demander pour un meilleur chien et un meilleur service!!

Marilyne - Charlo, N.-B.

Cooper - Charlo, N.-B..jpg
Cooper - Charlo, NB
Lou la matriarche et sa fille Sacha, Sai
Lou la matriarche et sa fille Sacha, Saint-Quentin, NB
Duke - Edmundston, N.-B.
Duke - Edmundston, NB