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At Terroir Soucy, everything is set up efficiently to obtain eggs that are of superior quality. The priority is to offer chickens with optimal and relaxing living conditions. The environment is therefore imagined and controlled in the smallest of details to maintain quality standards and especially respect for the animals. In general, they are:


Chickens raised in freedom with maximum space.


A diversified diet consisting of barley, egg-laying and oyster scales offered to chickens at will.


During the summer season they have access to a green pasture, so they can enjoy the outdoor air and grass to peck without tiring.


Daylight is accessible year-round while being enhanced by artificial lighting to ensure a stable light cycle.


Air quality, humidity and temperature are controlled to provide maximum comfort in their living space.


Finally, a regular maintenance of the installation (facility) is carried out to ensure increased cleanliness and avoid the use of chemicals harmful to the animals and humans.


Eggs delivered to you are cleaned by hand and can be kept for up to two months in comparison to those in the industry that only have a shelf life of approximately a month.


The Terroir is this: produced near your home to be delivered quickly to your door. These deliveries are ensured twice a week, guaranteeing an unparalleled freshness that does not exceed three days after laying.

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